Baby Turtle Rescue

by Andrew Wayman
added 06.01.2014

These baby turtles keep getting flipped over on their shells. Help them get back on their feet with a gentle touch. It sounds easy, but by helping one off of its shell can mean flipping others onto theirs. Facing a grid of baby turtles tap one to turn it over but watch the surrounding turtles flip too. You will quickly learn that this isn’t just a game of careless turtle flipping but a maddening puzzle game that requires thought and strategy. Unlock new levels and count your moves. The better you get, the fewer moves you will use.

• Enjoy a puzzle game requiring thought, strategy, and a love for baby turtles
• Rescue baby turtles by flipping them off of their shell and back on their feet
• Flip one to safety, but watch the surrounding turtles flip too
• Unlock new levels with each successful rescue mission
• Track how many moves you used to rescue all the turtles